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BHA Notices Section

Following the introduction of the Equine Anti-Doping Rules on 2 March 2015 it is a requirement for Great Britain (GB) bred horses to be registered within a specified period to become eligible to race in GB.

Rule (G)1.1.1 states that "Breeders must submit a complete application to register Horses with the General Stud Book within 12 months of their birth".

Schedule (B)2 paragraph 4B states that horses foaled in GB on or after 1 January 2015 are only eligible to race in Britain when the application to register the horse has been made to the General Stud Book (GSB) within twelve months of the horse's birth. Several notices and reminders have been published over the last year in relation to this and other requirements of the Equine Anti-Doping Rules.

The BHA acknowledges that this is the first year that new Rules have been in effect, and whilst the large majority of horses have been registered in accordance with the 12 month deadline, the BHA recognise that there might be a few rare individual circumstances in which the deadline has been inadvertently missed. Therefore the BHA have agreed that it is reasonable and pragmatic to grant a two month extension for the registration to be submitted to the GSB.

By this Notice, the BHA hereby modifies the requirement for a horse in the 2015 foal crop to be registered by 12 months of birth, to 14 months of birth. Rule (G)1.1.1 and Schedule (B)2 paragraph 4B shall be applied accordingly.

The key points are:

- The 2015 foal crop must have their application lodged within 14 months of their birth;
- The Breeder must submit a complete application by the registration deadline. The application may still be being processed by Weatherbys at the time the deadline expires -this will not impact on the horse's eligibility to race in GB;
- The two month extension only applies to the GB bred 2015 foal crop. The 2016 foal crop must be registered within 12 months of their birth (reduced to six months for the 2017 foal crop);
- No additional extension will be granted if a horse from the 2015 foal crop is not registered within 14 months of its birth;
- Any horse not registered in the specified time frame will not be eligible to race in GB.

Any questions in relation to this notice should be directed to the BHA at anti-doping©britishhorseracing.com.

15 February 2016