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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

The British Horseracing Authority give notice that whenever a horse which is due to carry top weight (or joint top weight) in a

- Class 1 Handicap Steeple Chase or Hurdle race or
- Class 2 Open Handicap Steeple Chase or Hurdle race

does not run in that race, other than as permitted under Rule (F)98 or 99, a Stewards' enquiry may be held to ascertain the reasons for not running. The Stewards will merely note what is said and forward any comments to the BHA's Head Office so that the Authority can examine the circumstances more closely. Furthermore, Trainers should note that the Authority may, under Rule (A)48, require a Veterinary Officer to carry out an examination of the horse.

After the investigation has been completed, either the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Panel to hold an enquiry under Rule (F)96, or, because there is no case to answer, the matter will be closed and the Trainer informed of the outcome.