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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

73A. Registration of Syndicates

73A.1 Where a horse has two or more legal owners the horse may be registered under a Syndicate.
73A.2 The registration of a Syndicate in the register of Owners must be made in accordance with Rule 73A.
73A.3 A Syndicate must be registered with the Authority if the horse owned by that Syndicate is to be entered or run in a race under these Rules.
73A.4 Each Syndicate must appoint at least one Person to manage, administer or promote a Syndicate (the Syndicator).
73A.5 The Syndicator must be registered with the Authority.
73A.6 The registration application submitted by the Syndicate must be made to, and be approved by the Authority, and such application must:

73A.6.1 be submitted to the Racing Calendar Office, together with the appropriate fee as specified in Schedule A(1);
73A.6.2 be made using the Prescribed form; and
73A.6.3 provide such other details as the Authority may require.

73A.7 In respect of a Syndicate, the Racing Calendar Office must also be notified of:

73A.7.1 the resignation of a Syndicator;
73A.7.2 the appointment of a new Syndicator;
73A.7.3 any changes to the composition of the participants in the Syndicate;
73A.7.4 any change to the horses owned by the Syndicate;
73A.7.5 any change to the names and contact details of all participants in the Syndicate (to include a Person with any legal interest in the horse) as the Authority may require; and
73A.7.6 such other details as the Authority may request.

73A.8 Information required by Rule 73A.7 must be provided to the Authority no later than 21 days after the resignation, appointment, change or request occurs.
73A.9 The Authority may refuse to approve the registration application where:

73A.9.1 the Syndicator(s) does not hold an existing registration with the Authority pursuant to Rule 73A.5 above; or
73A.9.2 in such other circumstances as it considers appropriate.

73A.10 Where the Authority approves the registration application:

73A.10.1 it may register the Syndicate subject to any restrictions or conditions it considers necessary; and
73A.10.2 the registration shall become effective from the beginning of the day following the day of approval, unless the Authority directs otherwise.